How to Download Norton Antivirus Free?

The disadvantage to free and less effective security solutions are bad when it comes to protecting your devices. Be it the security for your finances and personal data present online, low-end security antivirus is not enough. You need speed, accuracy and the security in the antivirus, which will build a protective shield in order to protect your device and secure your data from cybercrime.

Some of the antivirus with less intelligent security solutions blocks things that shouldn’t be blocked or slow your processors down with constant “are you sure?” messages visible on-screen.  Less comprehensive antivirus solutions depend on the existing data to catch known malware and viruses but miss new ones.

With such solutions, which do not help you in any way, you will suffer from data loss and antivirus attacks. The best way possible to avoid such blunder is to download and install Norton antivirus on your devices. As with Norton, you will get complete protection.

You can download and install the Norton setup from the official website. The Norton antivirus is available in both free and paid version. Norton understands its customer’s needs better as if you are a new user you can access the trial or free version, which comes up with 30 days validity. Till the time the validity does not expire, you can access the Norton setup and know about its features before the actual purchase.

2 key features of Norton Antivirus are mentioned below-

  1.  Norton Security provides full-coverage protection- Norton security antivirus is one of the largest threat intelligence databases. It senses the threats beforehand and keeps them out. Norton security also provides multiple layers of protection, which is specially designed to recognize different kinds of threats.
  2.  Precision + Speed = Best Value- How can an antivirus security software get faster and faster even when the threats are rising on a regular basis? – Norton antivirus is the answer for this, as it works with exclusive technologies, which helps you to perform speedy virus detection and accuracy.

To download Norton security setup free or trial version, you have to first download and run the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool on your devices.

How you can download and run the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool?

Norton Remove and Reinstall tool helps to uninstall and reinstall Norton security products on Microsoft Windows operating system. If you have, Norton Family installed, uninstall it before you run the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.

  1.    First, you have to download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.
  2.    In order to open the Downloads window in your browser, press the Ctrl + J key.
  3.    Double click on the NRnR icon.
  4.    Read the license agreement carefully and click “Agree” option.
  5.    Click on “Remove & Reinstall.
  6.    Now, click “Continue” or “Remove”.
  7.    Click on Restart now option.

How you can download Norton antivirus free trial version?

  1.    Visit the official website
  2.    Click the ‘Product & Service’ option.
  3.    Select ‘Free trial’ option.
  4.    Click on “About Norton”, then “Free trial” option.
  5.    From Norton Security Deluxe or premium, select the one as per your requirement.
  6.    Click on the ‘Free trial’ option.
  7.    In the dialog box, provide your registered email and click on the “Confirm” button.
  8.    Now, save the downloaded file from the browser to your computer.
  9.    You have to follow the online instructions in the Norton Download Manager.
  10.    Wait for the downloading process, until it gets complete.

Conclusion: – In order to protect your device, you should download and install Norton Antivirus security, which will prevent data loss and fight against Cyber crimes.

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