Take control of public Wi-Fi security with Norton Secure VPN

The biggest risk anyone can have while using a public Wi-Fi network is the threat of others snooping in your private data through an unguarded online channel. To avoid such infiltration in your device, you must take defensive actions with Norton subscription to ensure the privacy of your personal information such as Bank details, password, and IP address, when using a public Wi-Fi on your Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop or PC. By activating Norton Setup, you can easily set up your Norton protection, extend it to a range of devices and check your security status.

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The Internet wasn’t designed by keeping the cyber infiltrators in mind. Since its introduction, we have developed many security platforms that can block all sort of infiltration to enhance user experience and secure their movements across the web. Norton nu16 suite makes it impossible for unauthorized users to gather information or trace your activities on the internet. The primary task is to analyze, optimize, configure and maintain your PC. It is yet another excellent utility suite and several Norton antivirus plans are available on Norton.com/setup as per your requirements.

Enjoy smarter protection, at your home and on the move with Norton Setup

With so many unsecured public Wi-Fi channels scattered throughout railway stations, airports and public places, it is not difficult for anyone to enter in your device by using your IP address. That is where Norton Secure VPN comes into the play. When you switch it on, the VPN generates a secured tunnel through which you can access Wi-Fi services without letting anyone infiltrate your device by using the same tunnel. It’s like a security guard positioned outside your doorstep when you’re out of the home. Significantly, most VPN companies also incorporate a custom DNS server to safeguard your network against hackers redirecting a genuine URL to deliver an authentic looking site, which in reality is a hoax.

A VPN keeps your ISP details in the dark while securing any sort of unauthorized access and, it ensures your online activities harder to monitor for anyone outside your knowledge. The only disappointment is the price tag of Norton Secure VPN as it is much higher than most can afford. Luckily, the prices have dropped a lot in time, and now you can choose a plan for yourself that can extend up to five or ten devices per subscription, with notable discount packages. You can sign in to your Norton account and install Norton nu16 by as well by entering the Norton product key; once you enter the key, you will be redirected to the Download Manager page of Norton.com/setup.   

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